Project Air Cube - Going back to air

Here I will be using some more of that Lexan to make a small control panel. This will sit below my fan controller. Time to do a little measuring and break out the plastic cutter again to make the lower half of the control panel.

Cut down to size.

Here are the three control buttons mounted to the lexan (still with the paper on). The left one will be a front mounted BIOS reset switch. I saw this on line and thought it would be really cool to be able to reset the BIOS from the outside of the computer. The middle one will be to turn of the interior lighting, and the switch on the far right will be for expansion in the future. I took some existing hard drive mounts that came with my case and cut them down to size. You can see the original size at the bottom and the new one on the top. I will use these to mount the lexan plate to the case.

This is the finished control panel. The only change I may make in the future is to go ahead and make the entire plate out of Lexan instead of just the lower two thirds. It is kind of hard to tell here because of the ba

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