Project Air Cube - Going back to air

Next up is the LCD screen. This does not really serve any purpose per say, but I have always wanted to put one in so here we go. This one is black, but it will not make any difference as I will be directly installing it into the front of the case.

Here I have it connected to my current rig for testing. This was very easy to setup and can display all sorts of cool items.

Okay, somehow set my digital camera to "color accent" mode. The next few pictures basically look like they are in black and white. I cannot re-take most of these, so I will just have to post them as they are.

Time to make use of my 3 favorite computer mod tools: 18 volt drill, pop rivet gun, and my 35,000 RPM heavy duty Dremel. This Dremel has 2 speeds and I never use the second one. It winds up so fast that I have never had a reason to use it at that speed (plus it is almost scary, you would not want to have it slip out of your hand at top RPM's). The 10,000 RPM setting has always been able to do the job.

Now it is time to mount the LCD to the case. I could have just left it on the bracket that it came with, but where is the fun in that? Plus, I am filling up most of the 5.25" bays so mounting this to the actual case will free up some room.

Here is a test fit of the LCD.

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