Project Air Cube - Going back to air

Finally after a few weeks of not really being able to get much done, I have received a few packages. Let's see what is in here!

Looks like we have some fans, switches, LCD display, mesh and some other odds and ends. Now it is time to see what I can do with these parts.

First up will be the mesh. This is going to be used to make some custom fan guards. This is far and away cheaper then purchasing custom fan guards. Also, we will see next that I will use this in a number of places, including the front panel of the case. Pictured below is the 92mm fan for the video card cooler.

The next few mods are going to involve this front panel. One thing I really like about this case is that I can simply take off any part that I want and work with it. This is very nice since I am going to be doing some dremel work on the front panel and I don't want tiny metal bits all over the inside of the case. I think these 'custom' fan guards made with the mesh looks much better than the stock round wire guards. I left out the middle fan so you could see the mesh better.

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