Project Air Cube - Going back to air

Time to get some lights going. I have used almost every color they make for all of the cases I have built over the years except these ones, they are white.

And here she is with the lights on. I need to order one more single 15" to put in the bottom.

Finally received my GPU cooler (that I ordered almost a month ago) and some other parts. I will be using one of the brackets to put in the front for my USB and Firewire ports and the other, as you will see below will go inside the case.

Here is my internal USB connector. This connects the multimedia display and the case mounted LCD display. I should have used an adapter or cut the ends off and put on a connector, but I didn't want to make anything permanent incase I need to change it out in the future.

Here it is from the inside. I might add a small bracket to support it at the bottom, but I won't be messing with it very often and it is fairly solid.