Project Air Cube - Going back to air

Now it is time to move away from the front of the case and finish up some details inside. The first up will be to cut a access/cooling hole in the motherboard tray. This will allow the option of mounting a heat sink on the back of the CPU and will provide easy access to mounting and un-mounting the heat sink.

A few minutes with the Dremel and here is the access hole. This motherboard tray is very stiff and cutting out this material did not make any difference. You can also see that I put some of the hex mesh on the back of the motherboard tray.

Here is the back of the case. It is hard to tell but there is a plexi-glass cover over the lower power supply hole. For this project, I will not need the extra power supply. Now it is time to mesh out the rear fans.

A few snips with the scissors and the back is done. I found that a pair of heavy duty scissors was by far the easiest way to cut this mesh.

Now it is time for some paint. Since this case is all brushed aluminum, I thought I would accent the front and some of the insides with a bit of black. Here is the cross support for the motherboard and the two front bezels.

Here is the front of the case with the newly painted bezels.

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